About Us

Perfectress is a “Fair Trade” minded company. We are specialized in high quality human hair extensions and additions related products. We are in the manufacturing and marketing / distribution business since 1962 and have earned a high reputation in the human hair and hair extension market.

We source our quality Remy hair through our exclusive channels which we established in the last 50+ years. We have two human hair products related manufacturing factories, one in China and one in Cambodia. We have established two products research / development and QC departments in both China and Cambodia. We source, design, manufacture and distribute all of our own developed products only and we never copy a competitor’s product.

The development of our unique hair extension products is done in cooperation with hairdresser from all over the world. We know what you need and what it takes to create beautiful long or enhanced hair looks purely from decades of experience and the input from our specialists worldwide. We test our products thoroughly in cooperation with them before we release them and that is why our products will perform as promised. It is literally made by hairdressers for hairdressers.

PerfecTress ®

By Professionals For Professionals