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Welcome to Perfectress Certification - Become a Certified Professional in Hair Extensions

Are you looking to enhance your expertise in hair extensions? At Perfectress, we offer comprehensive training programs designed to help you achieve the Perfectress Certification. Whether you're a professional hairdresser or own a hair extension specialty salon, our certification will provide you with a flying start in working with our premium hair extension products.

Why Choose Perfectress Certification?

Extensive Training Options: Our training options go beyond Zoom classes. We also offer training videos on platforms like YouTube and provide digital media such as USB drives for your convenience.

Exclusive Products for Professionals: Our exceptional hair extension product lines cover a range of techniques, including hair extension systems, strand by strand techniques, weft systems, and reusable hair extensions. These exclusive products are tailored specifically for professional hairdressers and hair extension specialty salons.

Not a Professional? We've Got You Covered!

Are you a consumer seeking more information or looking to find our products in your area? We're here to assist you. Simply select the "Consumer" option, choose the product you're interested in, and provide any additional notes you may have. We'll ensure you receive the information you need by redirecting you to a distributor who can assist you.

How to Get Started?

Becoming a certified professional begins with the purchase of a Starter Kit from your chosen hair extension product line. Our Starter Kit contains all the necessary tools to start working with each hair extension system individually, making it convenient for you to begin your journey.

Ready to take your hair extension skills to the next level? Fill out the form below to request more information and embark on your certification journey today. Benefit from extensive training options, exclusive products, and professional guidance.

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What others think of our classes and systems?

Michelle L, USA
"This opens so many doors it is incredible. I enjoy working with it and the guidance is very helpful and on point. This certainly brought my knowledge to the next level and I earn more money now with extensions then ever before."
Dana P, USA
"This class got me pumped for hair extensions. I will go back to my salon in Phoenix and show my staff what I have learned in such a short time. It was like an educational blitz and techniques in one. Loved it and worth it."
Gary H, USA
" I just love their products, So clean and quick too. I am much more confident now with what I am doing. Saw some great new techniques and learned some other interesting things."